Peace One Day Music

Celebrating the Peace One Day in the Upper Primary we had a musical concert by Mr. Santamaria who performed a selection of songs about Peace, Love and Friendship. In the Upper Primary we encourage our kids about the practice of values and this was a great opportunity to use the music to reinforce the learning about those values. Children enjoyed listening, singing and clapping songs such as “Imagine  from John Lennon and Circle of Life by Elton John; to close the performance a great message with the song “Bridge over Trouble Water”.

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Visitando el Teatro Nacional

Como parte del aprendizaje en la clase de Música y fomentando la cultura musical salvadoreña, un grupo de alumnos de 5th grado visitaron el pasado viernes el Teatro Nacional de San Salvador para conocer uno de los edificios culturales mas importantes del país. La visita comenzó apreciando una exposicion dedicada a Don Quijote de la Mancha, obra de Miguel de Cervantes y posteriormente con la reinaguracion del Cafe Teatro, un espacio para la promocion de la cultura, tanto musical como escrita. Los alumnos disfrutaron de la presentacion de un dueto de opera y escucharon la lectura de un fragmento de la obra de Don Quijote; asimismo, se hizo la lectura de un poema del escritor salvadoreño Oswaldo Escobar Velado titulado “Regalo para el niño”.

La visita finalizo con un extraordinario concierto del grupo musical salvadoreño XOLOTL en la Gran Sala del Teatro, quienes con gran entusiasmo y energia presentaron una variedad de canciones salvadoreñas y latinoamericanas, cerrando la presentacion con el Torito Pinto. Nuestros alumnos disfrutaron de esta visita y aprendieron mucho sobre la cultura musical salvadoreña y sobre la historia del Teatro Nacional.

A continuacion un video resumen del Concierto Musical del Grupo Salvadoreño XOLOTL.

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Welcome to Music!

Welcome to a new school year! This promise to be a great year with a lot of musical activities and performances. Don’t forget to join one of the Music Extracurricular Classes (Violin, Choir, Recorder, Clarinet) and get ready for a Primary Musical Production for Christmas!!

Upper Primary Winds

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UP Talent Shows 2014

With a record of participants we had our traditional Talent Shows this Wednesday 11th of June. More than 75 students from the Upper Primary performing in different areas of musical arts. We enjoyed listening a good repertoire of songs and students delighted watching great choreographies and performances . Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Talent Shows this year and greetings to the parents who followed the live broadcast on the Internet.

2nd & 3rd Grade Talent Show


4th & 5th Grade Talent Show

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Latin Music Concert

Aiming to promote local musical culture, we presented a selection of famous pieces of music by a variety of musicians and singers in Spanish. All extracurricular music groups took part in this last performance of the year. The audience enjoyed listening songs from famous singers such as Mana, Diego Torres and Enrique Iglesias; the song “Sobre las playas” from the Salvadorian composer Pancho Lara was included in the repertoire. This concert was the debut of the Upper Primary Clarinetists.

Here a video resume of the Upper Primary Latin Music Concert!

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Bicultural Festival 2014

This Saturday 5th of April we had the Bicultural Festival Concert in Teatro Presidente. Students from 6 different schools were taking part in this great performance joining the Choirs, Strings and Band. A selected group of Primary students were performing along with these groups.  Congratulations to all children involved in the Festival this year and for your effort during the rehearsals; the concert was a big success, well done!

Here is a video of the Primary Choir Performance, enjoy!

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Music from Brasil – Capoeira

As part of the Music Curriculum (World Music) and the International Primary Curriculum Unit “World Cup” this Wednesday we had an special music assembly with the visit of the Capoeira Group “Raiz”. Students learned about Brazilian Musical Instruments, the connection with the African Music and about the Capoeira dance.

Capoeira RaizCapoeira Raiz


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Music Assembly – ANNIE

As part of the Music Curriculum our 5th grade students have been learning about musical productions and performances. After a few weeks of classwork we presented a part of the famous musical ANNIE in the Music Assembly today. What a great experience for our kids learning and having the opportunity to perform this beautiful Musical.

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“A Sailor Went to Sea” – Clapping Game

As part of the National Curriculum Unit 14 (this unit develops children’s ability to recognise and explore some characteristics of singing games. It consolidates their sense of pulse and ability to perform with others) 3rd grade students were singing and playing with rhythm using their claps. Following the music they improvised sequences of clapping patterns to fit the beats in the song!

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Upper Primary Winds

For the first time ever the Upper Primary students are learning how to play the Clarinet (a woodwind musical instrument) moving up the Recorder Ensemble to a Woodwinds Section; and giving our pupils the opportunity to develop their musical skills playing a instrument that is part of every professional Orchestra around the world!

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