International Choir’s Festival Cozumel 2015!

A Choir integrated by Upper Primary students a some selected secondary singers went to the Island of Cozumel in Mexico to take part in the International Choir’s Festival organized by the Parks and Museum of Cozumel Foundation. Our students leaded by the Choir Director Mr. Cesar Santamaria performed some traditional Salvadorian songs and a selected repertoire of movie themes. To close the festival all the choirs joined together to sing 3 songs including a traditional piece of music from Cozumel. Congratulations to everyone, students, parents and staff who went to this great experience and adventure into the Caribbean!

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UP Choir on National TV!

El Coro de Upper Primary dirigido por el maestro Cesar Santamaría realizo su primera aparición en televisión en el programa “La Hora del Niño” de Televisión de El Salvador, canal 10. Como un reconocimiento a su trayectoria artística en los últimos años y resaltando su proxima participación en el Festival Internacional de Coros de Cozumel en Mexico; los niños y niñas tuvieron la experiencia de ser entrevistados por otros niños que forman parte del staff de presentadores del programa y a la vez interpretaron parte del repertorio que se presentará en el Festival de Coros. Que maravillosa e inolvidable experiencia!

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Festival de Coros Cozumel

Estamos muy contentos y orgullosos que nuestro Coro de Primaria haya sido seleccionado e invitado a participar en el Festival Internacional de Coros de Cozumel que se realizará del 28 al 31 de Mayo, y que seguramente será una experiencia inolvidable para nuestros niños.

Segun nos informó el Comite Organizador recibieron aplicaciones de Coros de Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia. De los Estados de Michoacan, Durango, Veracruz, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico Df, Chiapas, Quintana Roo; y haber sido seleccionados es un premio al esfuerzo de nuestros niños!

Ya recibimos las primeras confirmaciones de nuestros miembros del coro y estamos esperando las demás, y recuerden que los papas pueden acompañarnos en este maravilloso viaje!

Visiten el blog del festival para mas noticias:

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Christmas Celebration at Hogar Guirola

This Wednesday the Upper Primary Choir went to the “Hogar Adalberto Guirola” to have a special Christmas Celebration. We were singing traditional Christmas songs and playing musical instruments with the kids who live in the orphanage. Some parents came accompany the UP Choir to give food and presents bringing joyful and happiness to the children there. What a lovely experience for our students to share music and love to others.

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Singing at Palacio Tecleño

The Upper Primary musicians went to the Palacio Tecleño to have a special performance. This event arranged by the Secondary Music Department is part of the ABC music program and is an opportunity for children to show their learning in the different musical areas in school as well as projecting the music to the community of Santa Tecla.

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Guy Fawkes Concert

This Friday 21 of November the Upper Primary musicians were taking part in the guy Fawkes Night celebration, performing a selection of British music. Songs such as Molly Malone and Eight Days a Week were part of the repertoire, finishing the Primary part with an special performance by Mr. Santamaria and other music teachers. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this event and remember remember the 5th of November…

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El Carbonero

As part of the learning of Salvadorian Musical Culture our students were learning about the Salvadorian composer Pancho Lara, his life, his music and one of his most famous songs “El Carbonero”. This song, inspired in the Boqueron road and the Planes de Renderos;  is about the people who lives there and everyday in the morning comes down to the city of San Salvador to sell coal.

Here is a video of the Upper Primary Choir singing this beautiful song!

2nd Grade


This unit highlights the musical skills that require regular practice and ongoing development throughout the key stage. It focuses on the development of the singing voice and other essential musical skills (listening skills, aural memory and physical skills) that should be a regular part of classroom work week-by-week.

  • Singing songs with control and using the voice expressively
  • Listening, memory and movement


  • Bobby Shaftoe gone to seamiralee_shaftoe
  • Silver buckles at his knee
  • He’ll come back and marry me
  • Bonny Bobby Shaftoe.
  • Bobby Shaftoe bright and fair
  • Combing down his golden hair
  • He’s my own forever more
  • Bonny Bobby Shaftoe
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