Ana Lucia’s Party!

After a few years being part of the Choir we are a great musical family, and even we haven’t seen each other in a few months; the music always put our hearts together to celebrate life and happiness! Congratulations to Ana Lucia, a member of the International Choir, for her celebration this weekend; what a great time with parents and children, singing and having fun together. I miss you my little singers, you can be sure that I’ll be your friend for a lifetime!

With love.. Mr. Santamaria.


By Andy Santamaria Posted in Music

ABC Choir performance in Mexico!

Here is the video of the first performance of the ABC Choir in the International Choir’s Festival in Cozumel Mexico. This first repertoire includes the songs: El Carbonero, Over the Rainbow, I’ll be There and When you Believe. Congratulations to the members of the Choir, the Director Mr. Santamaria, staff and parents who proudly represented El Salvador in this great event!

(Thanks to Mr. Zelaya for the video recording).

By Andy Santamaria Posted in Music