3rd Grade


This unit develops children’s ability to recognise, and use, pentatonic scales and create short melodies and accompaniments.

In this unit pupils sing songs based on a pentatonic scale. They experiment with the five notes of a pentatonic scale and play them on a range of pitched instruments, individually and together. They use the scale to make up simple songs and accompaniments.

IPC –  Temples, Tombs & Treasures –

In this unit student will learn about Instruments used in Ancient Egypt, they will be exploring sounds and instruments to compose their and  own music to retell a story.

Children will learn about music from different countries, songs  from different places and musical instruments from  other cultures.


Amazing Egyptians, exciting Egyptians (x2) color-poster-sistrum
Ancient inscriptions, dramatic depictions

From ages before us now here comes the chorus,

To be amid the pyramids, to ride in style down the nile,  

having a rare old time with the pharaoh,

worshipping cats cows jackals and crocodiles,

Hes lookin atcha Cleopatra Tutankhamen

come and take me back in time.

Known as a nation for mummification

they wrote on papyrus and how they inspire us.

To be amid the pyramids …

Who was the nicest osiris or isis

anubis or horus now back to the chorus

By Andy Santamaria Posted in UP Music

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